Marcus Olive

My personal growth, professional aspirations and community sporting connections with Melbourne’s inner west provide me with the motivation to help Local Impact create the positive, lasting changes we want to see in our area.

As a member of the Inner West Community Enterprise Board as well as Board Member and Treasurer for the Community Bike Hub, there is an imense satisfaction knowing my input is helping to support and sustain community intiatives. The advice and guidance I give on business strategy, program operations and financial oversight are built on my long experience in major project delivery in civil infrastructure, combined with managing teams and finances.

As a keen cyclist, I am particularly proud of the Community Bike Hub and how my logistic and strategic planning skills have contributed to its growth and ongoing success. In return, believing that you get back what you put in, Local Impact has facilitated my growth in the area of company directorship. This I am able to reinvest back into the work we do.

There are many opportunities, many great ideas, in our community for Local Impact to engage with and champion – sustainable transport and mentoring are just two. Our challenge, therefore, is to pick wisely and put in the necessary investment to underpin growth in a sustainable way.