The Money Mentor program was informed by research conducted by Victoria University about financial literacy, and has been designed to equip participants with the fundamentals of financial literacy to support their financial wellbeing and promote a lifelong attitude of learning.

To help address these issues, over the last two years we have successfully delivered our program to approximately 1,500 middle secondary school students across eight high schools. The core modules address the knowledge gaps identified in the target demographic after consultation with parents, teachers, community groups and businesses. 

We are now expanding the program to include a range of people starting their first jobs, settling into careers, or re-entering the workforce. Everyone, whether you’re in school, business or community context, needs foundational money management skills to help achieve financial goals.

“The Money Mentor program is needed now more than ever. With cost-of-living pressures affecting many households, the new Job Starter and Restarter programs will be essential to help everyone from recent graduates and new migrants to parents re-entering the workforce navigate the sometimes confusing world of money. The Money Mentor program has been tried and tested across a number of settings, with very positive feedback. It can be customised to your organisation’s needs.”

Jenny Britt, Committee Chair of the Money Mentor program