Suzanne Saunders

Collaborating with diverse groups and individuals, many of whom are dedicated volunteers, is a privilege that my professional working life and involvement with Local Impact give me. Together we share the goal of fostering vibrant and inspiring communities.

Currently I am the Marketing and Community Engagement Manager at Community Bank Seddon, and bring to this role my experiences in the education and real estate sectors to work closely with local community groups and organisations, including schools and sporting clubs. The focus is always on connection and empowering individuals.

Additionally, as the President of the Seddon Village Traders Association, I engage with small businesses, local government, the State Government, other traders associations and the community at large in the work of creating a truly exceptional community that thrives and flourishes.

As a 5th generation inner westie, I have a strong interest in the area’s local history and architecture. I seek to ensure that the rich stories of our past are maintained and the architecture protected. I am a keen gardener and nature lover. I would love to see more parks and an improved green canopy for the area, as well as seeing new building developments embrace the provision of green space and sustainability.