Powering community ideas

Our story

Local Impact began as the Inner West Community Foundation in 2019.

Directors of the Foundation recognised there was an opportunity to deliver real impact using collective professional skills, experience and local insights to power community ideas in the Melbourne’s inner west.

We have been successful in attracting funds and grants from all levels of government, philanthropic organisations, and local businesses to help establish our social enterprises. We are particularly grateful for the continuing generous support of the Community Bank Seddon.

This funding, complemented by Local Impact’s wrap-around services, amplifies the delivery of our community’s programs. These programs in turn add skills, volunteering opportunities, and environmental and employment benefits to our community.

Our purpose

To power community ideas through partnership, support and connection.

Our vision

To create local impact within our communities through investment, education and employment, to support our purpose.

Our mission

To create resilient and progressive partnerships, structured resources and a professional mindset to evolve community programs and social enterprises.

Our pillars

Local Impact powers community ideas through partnership, support and connection to create socially sustainable outcomes within the local Inner West Melbourne community.


We invest in the right resources required for the best community outcome — be it money, expertise, skills, experience, governance or accountability.


Our sense of place creates a feeling of pride — in ourselves, in our neighbourhoods and in our community connections.


Through education, we grow together intellectually, economically and socially.


We combine professional partnership resources with community hearts to evolve and grow outcomes.

Community. Connection. Partnering. Support.

Our values are the heart, soul and centre of Local Impact.

These values signify the essence of our shared purpose. We grow community ideas through partnership, support and connection.