The Westsider team
The Westsider Newspaper

The Westsider, a monthly community newspaper, operates as a not-for-profit entity under the banner of Inner West Community Media Incorporated, functioning successfully within a community partnership funding framework with assistance from Local Impact.

As a 100% independent publication, we serve as a dedicated platform for community journalism and the inclusion of public submissions. Our mission is to be an accessible, relevant advocate for the people, places, organisations and activities of Melbourne’s inner west. We seek to nurture a cycle of awareness, engagement, interaction and participation within the local community.

Founded in 2014, with seed funding from community media entrepreneur Joel Cohen, the Westsider provided upskilling for long-term unemployed people while fostering valuable social networks.

Today, the paper continues to advocate for the people, places, stories, and events that collectively define our unique and diverse community.

The appointment of Barbara Heggen, an ABC podcast producer, journalist and local resident to the role of Editor has brought a new energy.

We have a whole group of invested writers who are delightful and give the team so much joy.

Looking ahead, for us it’s not about growth but sustainability with a raft of exciting projects such as marketing students ready to deliver a digital strategy; investigative journalists preparing their stories; our first food and drink guide; and exploration of multimedia stories.

If we continue to be the trusted voice of the community, volunteers will come and join us and trust us to publish their stories.

“The Westsider is an essential voice in and for Melbourne’s west: a vibrant platform for local news, stories and events.  It’s the only genuinely independent print-based newspaper for the entire area.  Our paper is free, and is also available online.  Whether you want investigative articles, sports updates, book reviews, or even seasonal recipes, the Westsider brings you a diverse range of local news stories in every monthly edition.”

Wal Wiersma, Committee Chair of the Westsider