Angela Martin, Program Manager

Program Manager
The Money Mentor program

I believe that a positive financial future for teenagers and adults alike begins with what we do today. And one of the most important things we can do right now is deliver professionally tailored financial literacy programs to those who lack the confidence and skills to make informed money decisions.

Over the last three years the Money Mentor program, which I lead,  has been doing this vital work in our local schools and communities.

The need for such programs is increasing in urgency because of our saturated financial landscape. Bombarded as we are with a plethora of financial products, many seductively promising more than they’ll ever be able to deliver, education is the key to helping people navigate their way through to making the right choices.

My extensive first-hand knowledge of the financial services sector including corporate, business and retail lending, compliments my educational qualifications and work in schools. Together they ensure the content developed by Money Mentor program meets the learning needs of those who engage with its services.

And so, here is the future I am committed to helping achieve: nothing less than a financially literate society where individuals have the means to take control of their financial trajectory and well-being.