Sarah Franklin

Giving back to the community is a key driver for me. As Chair of the Inner West Community Enterprise, Committee member for Local Impact and Committee member for Money Mentor I have an exciting on-going opportunity to create and support positive social change.

My roles afford me the privilege of seeing right across our organisation and to bring to each aspect of what we do my Bachelor of Business Marketing degree and experience and expertise in the loyalty, membership and digital industries. My work advising clients on marketing and communications strategies has great relevance to what we do, as does my volunteer work mentoring university graduates and community groups.

I am passionate about reducing the growing gap that exists in our community between the have and have nots, and the deleterious effect on social cohesion that inevitably follows. I am constantly looking for ways to connect the diversity of groups around us, whether they be defined by ethnicity, gender, age, religion, educational attainment, or class.

All our programs aim to improve the employment and education outcomes of those we serve through our work. And underlying this is our understanding of the importance of securing for the future a healthy and resilient environment.