February 8, 2024

The Money Mentor program kicks off 2024 with website and new focus

The Money Mentor program returns in 2024 with new digital channels and a focus on three key groups: Job Ready, Job Starter, and Job Restarter.

The program has been developed out of a need to build financial literacy in the community, and this year, Program Manager Angela Martin, along with her Money Mentor facilitators will be building on their successes in the classroom to reach new groups and individuals across the community.

‘Job Ready’ assists people navigating Australia’s employment, tax and superannuation landscape for the first time, including students and new migrants.

‘Job Starter’ builds financial skills for people who have recently started work and want to start looking at long-term goals, such as saving for a home deposit, and managing money more effectively.

‘Job Restarter’ is tailored for people re-entering the workforce after an extended period, and is aimed at building up financial independence and security.

The Money Mentor program consists of research-backed and results-driven content that is designed to engage a wide range of participants at a time when financial challenges are dominating the conversation in the newsroom and at the kitchen table.

Jenny Britt is the Committee Chair of the Money Mentor program:

“The Money Mentor program is needed now more than ever. With cost-of-living pressures affecting many households, the new Job Starter and Restarter programs will be essential to help everyone from recent graduates and new migrants to parents re-entering the workforce navigate the sometimes confusing world of money. The Money Mentor program has been tried and tested across a number of settings, with very positive feedback. It can be customised to your organisation’s needs.”

To find out about the Money Mentor program head to the website –> moneymentor.org.au

Follow the new Instagram account here –> instagram.com/moneymentorprogram