Wal Wiersma


Local Impact is building for itself a reputation as a peerless manager of funds for progressive community partnerships and programs.

As Founding Chair, Chair of Local Impact, and member of both The Westsider and Money Mentor management committees, I am the custodian of our founding principles which seek to connect people through community oriented social enterprises.  It is vitally important that we have this unifying common sense of purpose. I want to ensure our programs are resilient and sustainable, and that we maximise investments in future opportunitues with commitments to present operations.

My extensive experiences in the tertiary education sector inform this important work. When Dean of St Mark’s College (University of Adelaide) and Trinity College (University of Melbourne) I placed a high value on all forms of education and learning. My remit included community liaison, stakeholder engagement, raising and disbursing funds, and governance. Leading teams and individuals required high-level diplomacy in complex and sensitive communications.

In the best communities those who can help, will help, and will do so without hesitation.  That kind of commitment builds and strengthens communities.  It is what I saw growing up in rural Australia, it is what I see Local Impact doing. And it’s what I want to continue to be a part of.