Ashley Coles

A lifetime of living and working in Melbourne’s west, raising a young family here, has given me a deep knowledge of the strengths, needs and potential of this community.

This knowledge, along with my interest in the environment and sustainability, are what motivate my involvement with Local Impact. Healthy environments and social connectedness positively impact our mental and physical wellness. As does the responsibility that we take on ourselves to improve our environment and our connection to it.

As a Board Member, I draw on my professional expertise and strengths working in the banking sector to help implement a strong culture and team environment so that individuals within the team and the team as a whole can prosper; both personally and professionally. I want to see us professionally manage the implementation of programs and foresee the practical challenges that may emerge to potentially impede their successful roll out. I enjoy getting down to the weeds and helping to bring out the best in people!

I am a believer in the benefits of life-long learning – I am currently completing a Bachelor of Psychology to add to my qualifications in banking, finance and management – and spending time with my family and my community.